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‘umeharibu nguo,’ Janet Mbugua narrates her menstrual staining story

If you notice a lady walking around with bloodstains on her clothes due to her periods, would you let her know or just assume?

If your answer is yes, how then will you discretely let her know without embarrassing her?

Well, if you think that such instances only happen to girls who struggle to acquire sanitary towels due to economic constraints, you are so mistaken.

Former TV queen Janet Mbugua has come out to share her latest period stain experience with her two sons.

Through her Instagram page, the media personality was in her house, walking in front of her sons aged two years and five years. Little did she know that she had stained on her clothes.

Her son Huru immediately notices something is amiss and notifies her.

‘Mummy, I think you sat on the red flowers’.

“I’m trying to figure out what he means and then I freeze and try to act normal all at once. Our nanny, who was walking behind us and had already seen my mess even before Huru did, was rushing to my aid. She whispers, ‘umeharibu nguo’( you’ve spoilt your clothes),” wonders Janet Mbugua, who has been vocal and in the frontline in the fight against menstrual shame.

She explains how embarrassed she felt as both Huru and Mali are now staring at her and the nanny.

Wearing a weak smile on her face, Janet Mbugua decides to walk backwards towards the bedroom, but her sons are not yet done.

This is how the conversation went on…

Huru: What’s wrong?
Me: (weak smile) Nothing, bubba.
Mali: Wat wrong?
Me: (still weak-smiling) Nothing, dear! (as I perfect my moonwalk)

Nanny: (awkward gaze)
Me: I’m fine everyone, it’s just –
Huru: Red flowers. From your office room when you were filming.

Oh yes! I had been filming some content for @myfirsttimestories and @inuadada, which entailed red rose petals. Who was I to argue!

Me: Yes, red flowers. I’ll just change and come play, ok?
Huru and Mali: Ok!

The encounter with her sons has prompted Janet Mbugua to ponder on explaining to them about menstruation and period stains soon.

“‘Sis, you talk about this all the time. You have the tools and knowledge to do better. What’s up?’ But, I’m human!,” adds Janet Mbugua.

Inua Dada Foundation

Janet Mbugua is the founder of Inua Dada Foundation, an initiative that looks into empowering, upholding the dignity and protect the rights of every girl child in Kenya.

Founded in October 2013, Inua Dada works to identify issues that affect the attendance and performance of primary school girls in Kenya like; lack of sanitary towels, suitable sanitation facilities and access to basic health care and support services.

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