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‘No! Kenya is frail, fragile,’ UGM party waters down Uhuru’s assertions

“I wish from the onset to assure you that the State of our Nation is STRONG, RESILIENT and BRIMMING WITH THE PROMISE OF AN EVEN BRIGHTER TOMORROW,” these were the words President Uhuru Kenyatta started his seventh State of the Nation Address with on Thursday, November 12.

According to President Uhuru, who is in his second and last term in office, project Kenya is on the right track and has achieved economic, manufacturing, and social milestones, in an otherwise tough period ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenyans have expressed mixed reactions on Uhuru’s speech so far… The United Green Movement (UGM) Party has come out to air their displeasure at the address.

UGM says that it is still wondering which state President Uhuru was referring to in his address. According to the party which is co-led by former Ndhiwa MP Agostinho Neto, Kenya is currently frail, fragile and unstable.

Although Uhuru highlighted what his administration has achieved in improving the healthcare system and how further efforts are directed towards fixing the sector in Kenya under the Universal Health Coverage system, UGM maintains Kenya’s health system is ill-equipped, poorly staffed, and a dilapidated state of hospitals.

“The state is UNSTABLE with rising Youth Unemployment. Masses of qualified youth are unemployed, under employed, & unproductive. The state is UNSTABLE due to an unsustainable debt burden that continues to balloon,” says UGM.

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