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Relief for Kenyans as petrol, diesel, kerosene prices drop

It is a sigh of relief to motorists in Kenya after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Saturday, November 14 announced a decrease in the cost of fuel.

Starting midnight today, the cost of super petrol in the country will decrease by Sh1.42 per litre, the price of diesel will decrease by Sh2.21 per litre while Kenyans will enjoy a reduced price of kerosene by Sh2.10 per litre.

This means that in Nairobi, super petrol will be retailing at Sh105.85 per litre, diesel will sell at Sh90.70 per litre while kerosene will cost Sh81.63 per litre.

In Mombasa, super petrol goes at Sh103.45 per litre, diesel at 88.31 per litre a kerosene costs Sh79.25 per litre.

Super petrol will retail at Sh106.48 per litre in Kisumu, diesel will sell at Sh91.55 while kerosene will cost Kenyans in Kisumu Sh82.51 per litre.

EPRA attributes this drop in fuel prices to the decreased cost of importing petroleum products. The cost of importing super petrol decreased by 4.45%, diesel decreased by 7.42% while kerosene decreased by 7.42%.

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