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Plan to loot from the Ministry of Education thwarted

Plans to steal part of Sh1.9 billion from the Ministry of Education thwarted. Some officials from the Ministry of Education had inflated the cost of each desk by Sh1,700.

The government had allocated Sh1.9 billion through a stimulus package to purchase locally assembled desks to both public primary and secondary schools.

“I tasked one of our units within the ministry to develop the costs of a prototype of the furniture. When I did my due diligence, I established that the market price has been inflated by KSh 1,700 shillings per desk,” Magoha said while visiting one of the carpentry centers producing school desks.

If their plans to steal from the government had not been unraveled, only 250,000 desks would have been supplied under the economic stimulus package. Initially, with Magoha’s involvement, 600,000 desks were to be procured instead of 250,000 in the quoted price.

Professor Magoha said that his administration has been instrumental in trying to fill loopholes used to fleece public funds in the Ministry.

“This management approach has been instrumental in identifying lapses within the ministry where public funds have been misappropriated and measures to ensure that is has been effectively intervened has been put in place,” said Magoha

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