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Mystery of machete-wielding gangster shot dead in Likoni after charging at police

A notorious gangster in Likoni, Mombasa County, was on Tuesday night shot dead by police officers.

According to a police report, the officers were on patrol when they received information that an armed gang had attacked residents of Kidunguni area.

The officers responded to the distress calls and confronted the gang, made up of four people.

Upon challenging them to surrender, three members of the gang were able to escape. With a sharp machete in his hands, one member who was not able to escape started screaming and charging at the officers.

“The officers tried to warn him verbally and even fired warning shots in the air but he still charged ready to harm the officers. He was fatally injured and upon search, a knife and the sharp machete were recovered from him,” reads the police report.

Twist of events

The Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) has, however, come out to protest what they say is rogue officers who used fatal force on a harmless suspect.

According to the organisation, parents of 17-year-old Matano Masoud say their son was not sane and has been undergoing treatment at Coast General Provincial Hospital.

MUHURI accuses the officers, who were about 10 all with firearms, of not attempting to make an arrest, “only going for fatal force.

“Physical examination on the body showed three bullet holes–on the head, chest and back. They appeared close-range. Police alleged the deceased is a gang member, a claim his family disputes,” MUHURI says.

MUHURI claims that witnesses have told them police had an opportunity to arrest Masudi, but they opted to fire bullets. Apparently, Masudi was outside his parents’ home.

“We’re pursuing the matter to ensure police, who had a chance to arrest the victim but killed him, are held accountable,”

The body is lying at Coast General Hospital Mortuary awaiting autopsy.


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