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Two male students shot dead at girls’ school; They were “visiting their girlfriends”

Grief engulfed a school in Uganda after two students were shot dead by security guards.

The two senior four students from St Joseph’s College Secondary School in Gulu city were killed after the security guards opened fire at 10 boys who had visited Bright Valley School.

Reportedly, the boys had gone to the nearby girls’ school to visit their girlfriends at night.

According to Ugandan outlet, Daily Monitor, the two have been identified as Brian Rubangakene and Emmanuel Okeny.

One of the students sustained gunshots wounds and is in critical condition at St Mary’s Hospital Lacor. Seven others are in police custody at Gulu Police Station.

“It’s alleged that the students sneaked out of their school and went to watch football at Layibi trading centre but on their way back, they decided to first visit Bright Valley Girls’ School at around 9:45 pm to check on their girlfriends,” Daily Monitor reports.

However, the armed security guards attached to Expose Security Company denied them access, which resulted in a tussle with the ten students, “they were forced to open fire.”

“Rubangakene died on the spot while Okeny died moments after reaching Gulu Regional Referral Hospital because he had lost too much blood,” Calvin Okello, the treasurer Parents Teachers Association (PTA) at St Joseph’s college Layibi told Daily Monitor.

Mr Okello added that four of them managed to sneak back into their school that night, with the other three returning on Thursday morning.

The Gulu CID chief Grace Davis Pande said that the security guards had also been arrested and would be interrogated, even as investigations on the incident continues.

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