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Woman with seven husbands says she meets all their needs: “None of them would dare cheat on me”

A video has emerged on the internet profiling the lifestyle of a woman married to seven men.

Call her the “queen of polyandry” but the woman, who says she is a witchdoctor, does not battle an eyelid.

The video was shot by Afrimax English but does not reveal the name of the woman or her country of origin. She says she has built a house for every of her husbands, and everyone is happy in the crowded union.

Why seven? She is just heeding the instructions from her spiritual elders, she says. She claims to receive powers from the dead, and bring some of them back to life. Before marrying the men, she claims to have seen each of them in a vision.

“When it’s time for making love, I decide where I want to go. I have a timetable for each of them and I satisfy them. None of them would dare cheat on me because the spirits would tell me,” says the woman.

Husbands co-exist peacefully

The men, who are paraded in the viral video, appear to co-exist peacefully. They are obviously hen-pecked, carrying her around in a stretcher- out of class and comfort, not ailment.

“We are not jealous of one another,” intones one of the husbands, besotted. The men say they adore their queen’s kindness.

The seventh -and latest- husband says it did not take much convincing for him to start a family with the queen bee. “She called me to her house and asked me to be her husband. It was time for me to start a family,” he enthuses.

Queen bee says she will expand her nest if the spirits call upon her to do so, lest she invites a curse from her ancestors upon herself.

Kenya’s case in point

In Kenya, Rael Mukeku,35, has been living with her two husbands for 11 years in Makueni County.

They all live in a single-room hut together with their 11 children. The two men both provide for the family. Muema Nguu, first husband, says the co-husband’s children are also his since they were born by the same mother.

Kenyan law is silent about polyandry. Polygamy, however, is legal according to the Marriage Act, 2014.

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