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“All is well now,” Kenya Ferry Services says after giant ship had blocked Likoni channel

Hundreds of commuters are were on Friday, May 28 evening stranded at the Likoni Ferry after a large ship stalled along the channel.

The 200 metre-long giant ship reportedly developed mechanical problems just when it was leaving the Base Titanium berth. The ship which was loaded with the mineral stalled approximately 100 metres from the berth.

The hitch disrupted normal ferry operations. The four ferries in operation were forced to take longer routes to avoid the stalled vessel.

“We bring to your attention @likonichannel an outbound cargo ship developed a technical hitch at the ferry crossing route, interrupting normal ferry operations as the four vessel maneuver past the ship,” said Kenya Ferry Services in a statement.

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) salvage tugboats assisted the ship to safety.

Video of a giant ship disrupting ferry services at Likoni channel
KFS: “All is well now”

The Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) has since announced that normal operations have resumed as the stalled ship has been assisted to a safe place.

“All is well now, the channel is clear. Normal ferry operation has resumed. Thank you for your cooperation,” KFS said at 6 pm (EAT).

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