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Desperate times, desperate measures; Indians now pray to goddesses called ‘corona’

The surging numbers of Covid-19 cases in India have led them to pursue desperate measures. Hindu priests have made two Coronavirus goddesses from sandalwood and stone.

The goddesses are placed at Kamatchipuri Adhinam temple, which is closed to worshippers in an attempt to mitigate the deadly virus. This doesn’t hinder Hindu priests from worshipping the virus in form of a goddess asking her to reduce the impact of the disease that’s weighing them down.

They further appease the goddesses by offering food and other sacrifices and cleaning them with turmeric water and milk. These goddesses are not the first of their kind. The Indians have made similar ones for chickenpox, plague and smallpox.

Severity of the virus

Coronavirus in India far killed 100,000 people in the last one month. Of 1.3 billion population, 27.5 million have contracted the disease. The latest wave has hit them the hardest, with daily cremations overwhelming the crematoriums.

Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and there is a national shortage of oxygen.

The Indian strain was detected in Kisumu, Kenya, a few weeks ago reportedly brought in by workers who had travelled from the Asian country.

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