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Girl, 7, found in pit latrine was defiled before she met her cruel death; stepfather arrested as main suspect

Preliminary investigations into the case of a missing seven-year-old girl who was found dumped in an unused pit latrine in Kakamega reveal that she had been defiled.

Polycarp Omuseti, 47, her step-father, is in police custody as main suspect in the gruesome act.

Speaking to TV47 Digital, Ikolomani OCPD Joseph Chesire said an autopsy conducted on the decomposing body of the girl revealed she was killed by strangling.

Omuseti is accused of committing the heinous act while the girl’s mother was away in Kericho.

“We have moved to court and requested 14 more days to complete our investigations and make more arrests, hopefully,” Chesire said.

The deceased reportedly went missing more than a week ago, only for her decomposing body to be found in in a pit latrine within the compound.

The Imalaba Primary school pupil was last seen playing with her friends on May 15.

“When I opened my house, a stench from the back of my house hit me. I felt like easing myself and I came to this latrine, which is no longer used. In the latrine, I became very uncomfortable because of the smell and raised alarm,” one of the neighbors, Everline Shitima said.

Is That a Leg?

Omuseti rushed to the scene and saw what looked like her daughter’s leg in the toilet waste and sought to check again.

“I told my mother what I had seen, and I was shocked thinking that I was mistaken. I went and refilled my torch with new batteries. With better lighting now, I confirmed that it was indeed my child,” Omuseti said.

Devastated, Omuseti said that they had been to different villages including in the neighbouring Bunyore, looking for the girl. They had hopes that she would be found alive.

“She was my granddaughter. When I heard the alarm, I rushed here and helped retrieve her body from the latrine. Her body was in bad shape. You could not even tell whether there were injuries or scars on her body because it had been damaged by toilet waste. Her skin was even rotting away,” Trina’s grandmother said.

Irate Neighbours

The girl was buried on Thursday night at around 10 pm, in line with the Luhya traditions. Irate neighbours stormed the suspect’s residence and destroyed several items including a television set, and food.

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