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Nanny killed alongside boss, five-year-old son in Nakuru had just been married in February

The family of the nanny who was murdered alongside a woman and her five-year-old son in Mzee Wa Nyumba area in Nakuru on Wednesday evening has broken the silence.

According to Nakuru County Police Commander Joseph Tanui, the body of the nanny, identified as Ann Wangari, 45, was found on the kitchen floor, bearing stab wounds on her abdomen and injuries on her face, indicating that she was hit using a blunt object.

The nanny was reportedly attacked in the kitchen preparing supper. PHOTO/COURTESY

Preliminary investigations reveal that Wangari was attacked together with the whole family while she was preparing supper at around 5:30 pm.

Nanny’s murder devastates family

Her husband, Simon Kimani, was devastated, saying that his wife had just been employed by the home owner, Alice Njeri, about ten days ago.

Njeri, who was also reportedly stabbed in the back, had just moved to the rental houses after she was transferred to Maria Veronica School about 12 days ago, employing Wangari in the process.

Kimani could not fathom the reality of what had just unfolded, revealing that they had not lasted a year in their marriage.

“I loved her and her three children. We got married in February with a great plan for our future. All the dreams have been shattered,” Kimani said.

As was normal for them, Wangari left for work in the morning, hopeful that they would reunite in the evening. But life would take a bad turn on Kimani and their three children.

“We had bid each other goodbye in the morning as usual. However, we didn’t keep in touch during the day. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her body,” a forlorn Kimani said.

The body of the woman and her five-year-old son were found in the sitting room, with stab wounds and strangulation marks. PHOTO/COURTESY

He said that he was informed of the incident by one of the neighbours through a phone call.

The nanny’s brother, whose identity was concealed, could not come to terms with her demise, since she was a pillar in his life.

“They have taken away my only sister. I have no one else in this world. Why did it have to be you,” Wangari’s brother cried.

Detectives are investigating the matter, to establish the motive of the gruesome murder.

Residents maintained that the murders were well planned over time as a stranger had come looking for Njeri’s house a few days ago.

“The murder was well planned. The killer appears to have monitored her movement and time. They were attacked just after she got home from work,” said Eric Won, a resident. 

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