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Did school bus conductor defile five-year-old girl? Controversial private detective Jane Mugo says otherwise as she secures suspect’s release

On Friday, May 21, Kenyans were shocked by a report of a five-year-old girl in Mombasa allegedly been defiled inside a school bus.

The report said that a caretaker who usually accompanied children inside the school bus on their daily commute to and from school had been arrested. The three-minute report was aired on a local TV station. It said the minor upon reaching home appeared to be in bad shape, prompting her parents to take her to hospital. It said that medical reports concluded the minor had been molested.

The case has now taken a fresh twist. Renowned private investigator Jane Mugo says the whole story was a fabrication.

In a lengthy post on her Facebook page, Mugo claims that TV reporters, a senior police officer, and the girl’s family colluded to concort lies against the school, Mary Joy Academy.

After seeing the defilement report on TV, Mugo says, she was touched to help the minor get justice. “Being a mother and an advocate for Children’s rights and safety, the news prompted me to write a letter to Cradle Kenya asking them to fight for the girl.”

Mugo says that she embarked on an investigative journey to Mombasa, and her first destination was at Kiembeni Police Station, where the defilement report was made. From the station where he confirmed the OB number of the case, Mugo says she met with the minor’s parents, before proceeding to the school and Coast General Hospital where the alleged victim was taken for medical examination.

But the findings of her investigation, Mugo says, are shocking.

Mugo says on Wednesday, May 19, the day the alleged defilement happened, the parents of the girl filed a police report. After reporting the incident, the uncle to the minor, one Justus Nduati, called his media friend who connected him to the journalists. The sleuth now questions the family’s motive to call the media, yet the police had not refused to act.

The school says that on the fateful day, the girl wet herself, messing her school uniform. Her class teacher, together with a caregiver cleaned and gave her a set of change over clothes.

According to Mugo, the school’s CCTV footage corroborates the school’s assertion that the girl urinated on herself.

The school continues to say that at 2 pm, the school bus left the institution to drop pupils at their homes. Onboard were 23 pupils, and the girl in question was the fourteenth to be dropped off.

“The child was dropped at her usual point at Kiembeni Blue Estate at 3pm, and was handed over and received by the househelp. The caregiver [who was among the six female teachers in the bus with the pupils] explained to the househelp why the child was in a different dress code,” the school says in a statement.

Mugo: Medical reports says no defilement

“The medical report by the doctor from Coast General Hospital confirms no rape/defilement took place. The girl’s clothes that were supposed to act as evidence were even washed immediately by her aunt. According to a statement by one of the school’s senior officials, girl’s family had demanded for compensation something they refused,” says Mugo.

Mugo further says that she sensed something was amiss because the girl was not accompanied to the hospital by any police officer.

Furthermore, the statement from the parents, Mugo says, do not add up. “Initially the parents to the girl reported to school and police that their daughter was touched by his colleague in the bus called Shone.”

Mugo has since shared a video outside Shimo La Tewa prison after the accused was released on police bond.

“Thanks everyone for your prayers. Thank you shanzu law court. Thank you the mombasa police who refused to be used by the biased boss. Thank you media houses, bloggers and doctor who refused to change report. Thank you prison officers for confirming bond and releasing the innocent Elijah,” she adds.

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