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Puzzle of missing woman’s body found in a pit, husband aware of disappearance but away “at a funeral”

A family in Nairobi is crying for justice after their missing kin was found dead in a pit.

Millicent Odhiambo’s body was retrieved from the pit in Ngando area in Dagoretti South, Nairobi County, on Sunday morning, after five days of intensive search for her.

“I called her husband and he informed me that she had left the house about five days ago and had not returned since. I was being directed by an unknown person through my sister’s mobile phone,” Odhiambo’s sister says.

In the bizarre incident that has left residents in shock, the deceased’s brother says that the stranger offered directions to the spot where the body was found.

“I was directed step by step to the spot. When I got to Onyancha Road, I was told to turn left, step by step until I got to a junction with a dysfunctional streetlight. From there, I was told to spot some banana leaves, that led me to the exact spot,” her brother narrates to TV47 Digital.

Overwhelmed by emotions, the deceased sister could not hide her disbelief about the news of her sister’s death.

“We were called yesterday (Saturday) at about 7pm. We were not aware that she was missing for so many days yet she was living with her husband. Her husband did not inform us about her disappearance. The person who led us to her body did not even identify himself,” she says.

Reportedly after they were directed to the pit where they found their kin’s body, they also found the mobile phone laying there, already switched off.

As if unbothered by the turn of events, the husband allegedly said that he was away attending a funeral in Ahero, Kisumu County, when questioned about his wife’s missing reports.

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