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Drama in Parliament as Speaker throws out female MP over “tight trouser”

Drama ensued at the Tanzanian National Assembly after the Speaker expelled one of the legislators over “indecent dressing.”

It all began during the question and answer session when one of the male lawmakers, Nyang’wale MP Hussein Amar (CCM), stood up and complained about damage of the House’s reputation to the public over “shameful” dress code.

“Parliament is the mirror to all Tanzanians. Our sisters in here are donning peculiar clothes yet they are legislators. What example are they setting to the public?” Amar posed.

Speaker Job Ndugai told him to elaborate on his complain and cite an example among the sitting female legislators. “Can you give us an example Hon Amar?” Speaker Ndugai asked.

Waving his hands in the air as if drawing a square box to indicate the direction, touching his black shirt, with eyes fixed on the Speaker, MP Amar pointed to Momba MP Condester Sichwale without mentioning her name.

“There’s a sister of mine, from where I am standing, towards my right side, the lady in yellow shirt or t-shirt, look at the trouser she is wearing. Let her come before you Mr Speaker. That is just one of those in indecent attire,” Amar explained.

Consequently, Speaker Ndugai called out her name, and directed her to leave the House immediately, and only to return in more decent clothing.

“From this concern, I urge you Honourable to step out and find some more decent wear, then you can join us later. Thank you,” Ndugai urged her.

After the order, he asked legislators to pin point another ill-dresses colleague, “Is there any other example?”

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