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‘Womaniser’ police officer shoots dead dreadlocked boy, 18, in “revenge plot” over woman

While drugs, criminal activities attribute to the rocky relationship between police officers and citizens, women are also a bone of contention.

Only yesterday, a police officer from Embakasi, Nairobi, was arrested after he shot a 32-year-old man in a suspected love triangle.

Eyewitnesses say that the victim, Charles Karugu, was caught in the crossfire after an argument ensued between the cop and an unidentified man in Kitindo area.

The two were allegedly fighting over a woman, with the police officer claiming that the she was his lover.

In the neighbouring Uganda, youth from Kamuli district took to the streets for hours on Monday after one of their own was shot dead by a police officer allegedly in a case of mistaken identity over a woman.

The officer in question, identity withheld, allegedly shot one Gusta Bukomye, 18, a resident of Nawangaisa Buwenge Empya, Northern Division.

Witnesses accounts indicated that the officer then rode the victim on a motorcycle and allegedly dumped him at Kamuli General Hospital parking lot.

Now with an angry trail of boda boda riders baying for his blood, the officer reportedly shot in the air to pave way and escape from the infuriated mob. This created unrest within the hospital where patients and visitors reportedly scampered out of the wards for safety.

Police officer allegedly beaten over a woman

The protesters maintained that it was a case of mistaken identity, with some who identified the officer citing that it could be a love triangle matter.

“This rogue police officer shot at an innocent boy simply because he had a Rastafarian hairstyle like the ones of those who had roughed him on Sunday night over a woman. He is just a victim of mistaken identity because he has been a polite young man,” one of the witnesses said.

Fighting for women between police officers and youth seems to be a common occurrence in the area, as bar and video hall owners revealed that the officer was beaten up on Sunday night at a drinking den for “stealing another’s woman.”

Angry and humiliated, the bar owners revealed that the officer must have sought revenge, as he reportedly stormed the drinking den on Monday morning, holding an assault rifle and shot the young man.

“These policemen drink, chew mairungi, and in the end show all kinds of bad behaviour. This time round, the boys decided to rough this officer up over a woman he had forcefully grabbed from their colleague,” one of the bar owners said.

Busoga North Police Spokesperson, Michael Kasadha, confirmed that the suspect had been arrested, saying that he would be presented in court to face murder charges, once investigations were complete.

“We are investigating circumstances under which this ugly incident happened. We promise that justice will prevail to both the aggrieved family and the police officer,” Kasadha assured.

The deceased’s body was taken to his home by the police for the burial.

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