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EXCLUSIVE: Limuru Central MCA Joseph Kahenya denies reports that he sexually assaulted a lady at a club

Limuru Central MCA Joseph Kahenya has vehemently dismissed as propaganda, reports that he sexually assaulted a lady at a club within Kiambu County.

In an exclusive interview with TV47 Digital, Kahenya says that it is true he was involved in a physical altercation at Kwambira Club, but contrary to the reports, the incident involved one of the male revelers.

#LimuruMCAExposed has been trending for the better part of Wednesday, June 2 morning, with Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) calling for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the MCA. The reports claimed that he sexually harassed the lady, identified as Hellen by touching her inappropriately at the club’s washrooms.

But the MCA now claims that the hashtag has been sponsored by his political detractors.

“I am still looking for the person who sponsored the hashtag. I am a politician, everyone expects me to mess and my opponents take advantage,” the MCA said, adding “people forget that there is a God in heaven.”

The purported OB number at Tigoni Police Station, where the assault claims were reported.
Kahenya’s account of what transpired?

On Friday, May 28, Kahenya was at a local club drinking the week’s woes away, ushering the weekend. He got into a disagreement with one of the male revelers in the club, and things quickly turned physical.

The other party reported the assault to Tigoni Police Station and immediate action was taken. The case was mentioned in court on Monday, May 31.

The MCA says that both parties of the case opted for an out-of-court settlement and the plaintiff withdrew the case.

“I have apologised and it’s not like I’ve killed somebody. The complainant doesn’t have a problem with me,” Kahenya confirmed to TV47 Digital.

The apologetic MCA says the incident escalated because he was drunk. Having accepted he made a mistake he believes that life has to move on.

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