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Dutch national found dead in apartment, girlfriend strapped in a car

Police in Bamburi area, Mombasa County are investigating the death of a Dutch national who was found dead in his Shanzu apartment on Friday.

The officers followed a woman’s distress call near Serena Beach Hotel that led them to the body of 55-year-old Herman Rouwenhorst.

Riziki Cherono, the woman who led the police to the scene, was reportedly found strapped tightly on the steering wheel of a car.

“She alleged that she was driven in her car to the said place from their apartment,” part of the OB at Bamburi Police Station read.

After untying her, the officers accompanied her to Rocco area, where they found the deceased “lying on their bed having been murdered with his hands and legs tied using a rope, and mouth gagged.”

Furthermore, a night guard identified as Evans was also found bleeding and unconscious.

The body was transferred to Pandya Hospital Mortuary, awaiting postmortem.

Another foreign national found dead in apartment

Last week, a German national identified as Krabbe Gunther, who was accused of killing his girlfriend, was found dead in Mombasa County.

Police recovered an alien ID of German Krabbe Dieter Gunther.

Police officers in Mtwapa area had launched a manhunt for him, after neighbours raised alarm on May 27, saying that they saw him leaving their apartment.

The body of his girlfriend, 24-year-old Cynthia Akinyi, was then found wrapped in a bedsheet and stashed under a bed in their house. The body also had injuries at the back of the neck and head.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Akinyi was employed at a local entertainment joint. She moved in with Gunther in December, 2020.

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