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University student arrested for allegedly strangling First Year lover to death

Police are holding a university student suspected to have strangled to death a fellow student believed to be his lover in Iringa District, southern Tanzania.

According to Iringa Regional Police Commander Juma Bwire, Prudence Patrick, 21, strangled his lover, a first-year student identified as  Petronel Mwanisawa, 22, on June 1.

On the fateful day, the deceased left for school at Iringa University as usual, but did not return home as usual, which was unlike her.

“The deceased was living with her parents, so on the day of the incident she left to go to college, but until late in the night she had not return. It was at that point that her parents began to worry, they called her friends but she was not there,” said Commander Bwire.

Suspect reveals student’s whereabouts

After days of looking for their daughter unsuccessfully, the suspect reached out to them, informing them that he was with her and she was dead. “The suspect himself sent a text message to the deceased’s parents saying he was with Petronel and that she was dead,” Bwire added.

Now with a lead, the horrified parents reported the newly acquired information at the police station, and were accompanied by officers to the suspect’s house.

The girl was reportedly found there. Preliminary investigations indicated that she was strangled due to unrequited love.

Bwire further said that they managed to nab the suspect in his escape route to Dodoma, as they dig further into the case.

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