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Ministry of Education officials converge in Naivasha as Form One selection starts

The Form One selection process has started in earnest.

Senior Ministry of Education officials are converging in Naivasha to sort out the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidate choices. The list of allocations will be released by mid this month.

According to the Ministry, 1.18 million candidates wrote the 2020 KCPE examination. Data available shows that there are 33,009 slots in national schools, 184,816 slots in extra-county schools, and 188,454 in county schools. Sub-county schools have 669,145 slots while special needs education schools have 777.

This year’s selection process faces a unique challenge: Limiting the number of students due to the space challenges as per the COVID-19 containment protocols.

Only 8,000 of the 1.18m candidates have no pressure for high school allocation since they are either inmates or refugees. There are concerns however, that the 100 % transition rate envisaged by the Education Ministry will not be attainable.

In the 2020 KCPE, 8,091 candidates qualified for admission to national schools by scoring 400 marks and above. The 300-400 marks category has 290,181 candidates. More than 100,000 scored less than 300 marks and this accounts for the category most likely to fall out of the 100% transition rate.

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