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Police hunting for gang that kidnapped Nyeri businessman in broad daylight

Police in Nyeri have launched a manhunt for a gang that abducted a local businessman on Tuesday evening, June 29.

Gerald Guandaru, who owns a bar and a barber shop in Nyeri town, was abducted by unknown men at around 5:30 pm, as passersby watched helplessly.

Guandaru, 45,- a father of three- had reportedly parked his vehicle, a Toyota Premio, outside Joans Bar and Hotel when the kidnapping occurred.

According to eyewitnesses, a Subaru Outback with four men donned in face masks parked behind Guandaru’s car at the parking lot. When the businessman arrived, two of the men alighted and went to his car, demanding him to open the door.

A brief push and pull ensued between Guandaru and the men as he refused to open his car. In the end, the businessman was dragged out of the vehicle and bundled him into their Subaru Outback.

Not even his screams for help could deter the men from accomplishing their evil mission. Some of the curious town dwellers could not intervene as they thought the men are plain clothes police officers arresting him for some reasons.

“When we saw the type of vehicle the men were driving, we suspected they were police officers, and that they were arresting the businessman for reasons well known to them,” one of the witnesses said.

The men immediately drove off with the businessman towards the Nyeri-Nairobi Road.

Police start investigations

The businessman’s family led by his wife, Cecilia Wamaitha, have made a formal report at the Nyeri Central Police. Wamaitha says that her husband has been receiving strange calls from a private number since Monday, June 28. Upon picking them, she says, the caller has been terminating the calls.

In a bid to solve the puzzle of the missing businessman, police have since obtained CCTV recordings from the nearby buildings to help in investigations. The number plate of the Subaru outback was caught on one of the tapes.

“We couldn’t immediately identify the men because their faces were covered in masks. We hope the vehicle’s registration plate number would help us unravel who the suspects are,” Nyeri County Police Commander Adiel Nyange says.

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