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Video: Drama as socialite Amber Ray, co-wife engage in public spat

Drama ensued in Syokimau on Tuesday night, June 29 after the wives of businessman Jamal Roho Safi, socialite Amber Ray, and Amira, engaged in a public spat.

The drama that was broadcasting ‘live’ on Amber’s Instagram page started a few minutes past 10 pm, with the women arguing over who wields power as the businessman’s wife.

In the video, Amira- the first wife is seen and heard, in the company of her friends, hurling insults at the socialite. Amira is heard accusing Amber of ruining her marriage and seducing her husband using black magic.

“Mimi niko kwa jikoni naskia shetani, mrogi…Anakuja kwangu kufanya nini? Ati coz mimi ni bibi wa pili ninyanyaswe? (I was in the kitchen when I heard her [Amira] call me names, satan, a witch…why did she come to my house? Just because I’m the second wife, I won’t let her infringe on my rights). I have never used black magic to seduce a man,” says Amber.

Neighbours could not help but struggle to get a glance of the drama.

Jamal bought flowers for his wives

Earlier on Jamal- in a bid to make peace between his two wives- was seen buying flowers for, but Amira seemed to be very pissed off. While Amber danced with her bouquet of flowers, Amira threw hers in a trash can.

A few hours after the melee, Amber went live on Instagram with a video of her dancing with a bouquet of flowers from Jamal. In the video’s background, Jamal is seen relaxed while talking to a group of friends.

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