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Two police officers shoot at each other over a lady along Thika Road

Two male police officers shot at each other on Friday night, July 3 after a fight ensued over a woman.

It all started at around 9:30 pm when Festus Musyoka, a DCI officer based in Starehe- Nairobi, went to have a nice time at Quivers Lounge along Thika Road, in the company of a lady, Felistas Nzisa.

By chance, Lawrence Muturi, a police constable attached to Kasarani post, was also at Quivers Lounge and saw Musyoka with Nzisa.

Irked with the cite of the two, Muturi reportedly asked Musyoka what he was doing with “his girlfriend” [Nzisa]. That was when an infuriated Musyoka drew out his gun and shot Muturi in the hand.

According to a police report, Muturi also whipped out his gun and shot Musyoka in the left part of his neck.

“Musyoka withdrew a pistol and shot PC Muturi at the hand sustaining injury and in retaliation PC Muturi also withdrew a pistol shooting PC Musyoka on the left part of the neck and accidentally shooting the woman on the abdomen,” says the police report.

“PC Musyoka and the lady were rushed to Nehema Uhai Hospital (SIC) for first-aid then later PC Musyoka transferred to Nairobi hospital for further treatment. PC Muturi took himself to Radiant hospital in Pangani where he was treated and released on fair condition. The riffles from the two officers gave been confiscated by DCI Kasarani for further action.”

Kasarani OCPD, confirming the incident, said that preliminary investigations have revealed a new twist to the case.

“There might have been a third party involved in the shooting. Our preliminary investigations, which indicated the two police officers were known to each other, were inaccurate.”

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