Thursday, September 16, 2021
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Passenger plane goes missing in Russia’s Far East

A passenger plane carrying 28 passengers goes missing in Russia’s Far East . According to the local reports, the plane was flying from the regional centre Petropavlovsk to Palana in the Kamchatka Peninsula where it lost contact with air traffic control an attempt to land.

The plane belongs to a company called Kamchatka Aviation Enterprise and it has been on operation since 1982. The company’s director said that plane was technically sound.

On board were 22 passengers including a child together with the six crew members. The Spokesperson of the Kamchatka government said that the head of the of the Local Government in Palana ,Olga Mokhivera was also in the flight.

Earlier on there have been several major accidents especially in the year 2019 where an Aeroflot superjet crashed and caught fire on a Moscow runway leaving 41 people dead.

There have been several major accidents in the recent years and correspondents say that Russia once had poor flight safety record but have improved in the recent years.

Despite Russia improving on their safety record in the recent years, still poor aircraft maintenance and laxity in safety standards persist and deadly air accidents have been witnessed in the country in the recent years.

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