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Ajira Digital: CS Mucheru says 7 million youths aware of the programme

Information and Communication Technology Minister Joe Mucheru says over 7 million Kenyans are aware of Ajira Digital, while 1.2 million have been working online six years since its inception.

Mucheru also notes that more awareness is needed especially in the rural areas, to tap on more youths who are jobless.

Amongst the 1.2 million Kenyans, over 20, 000 have acquired their jobs directly through the ministry’s connections in terms of referrals.

According to the Cabinet Secretary, majority of them have acquired the jobs in the judiciary where they do transitions.

The awareness has increased rapidly since 2 million in 2018 to 7 million in the recent survey that was conducted by the ministry of ICT.

Those who have benefited with the program have testified how they earn money online and educated those joining how to register and apply for online jobs.

The youths confess that there are so many online jobs but most of the rural youths are not aware.

Trainers on the program have also expressed their satisfaction in the trainees, most of whom take it to themselves to look for available Jobs online.

Mucheru says that over 60,000 youths have been trained already as the ministry has opened 350 Ajira Youth empowerment centres nationally. CS Mucheru says the ministry is working in conjunction with members of parliament for the success of the program.

Mathioya MP Peter Kimari lauded the programme that has benefitted many youth who had been lacking employment opportunities.

Mathioya DCC Emmah Kibaara said that the program is a great saviour to many youths who could be engaging in alcoholism and drugs abuse or even crime.

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