Friday, September 24, 2021
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Nick Ndeda, Muthoni parts ways “on mutual understanding”

Radio personality Nick Ndeda and his wife Gitau Muthoni have split after seven years.

The duo decided to go their separate ways “on mutual understanding.”

Appearing on Muthoni’s YouTube channel, the erstwhile lovebirds revealed that they have different life goals, which they want to pursue. Muthoni says she wants to discover a different world from dating: She hasn’t dated much since she met Nick at 23.

Nick confirmed the break on Instagram: “This is to let you know that Muthoni and I have decided to separate. This mutual decision we made however personal, does affect some certain aspects of our public lives hence why we made this video talking about why what now and what next.”

The two were a unique couple from the word go. Last May, they revealed that they didn’t want to have kids. At that time, Muthoni said she was done explaining herself to people.

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