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Speaker Lusaka admits he’s the father of unborn child; woman had sued him for KSh25M upkeep

A case in which a woman is claiming to be pregnant for Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has taken a fresh twist.

This is after Lusaka on Wednesday, July 6 admitted that he is the father of the unborn child. The woman had in June sued Lusaka, demanding a monthly upkeep of KSh200,000 or a lumpsum of KSh25 million for their unborn child.

When the case was mentioned on Wednesday, Lusaka through his lawyer Peter Wanyama told the court that he had agreed to cater for the child’s pre-natal care, with a promise of settling other issues once the baby is born.

“It’s not correct that my client can’t make prenatal expenses ….that has been sorted …And we are saying let’s wait for the baby to be born… who can buy a house within seven days?” said Wanyama.

The court was also told that the former Bungoma County governor is engaging the lady concerning issues of birth maintenance. “My client has an open mind. The issues of maintenance of the child will be addressed.”

Long-time relationship

The woman’s lawyer Danstan Omari told the court last month that his client and Speaker Lusaka have been in a relationship since 2018. Further, that the two have been engaging in unprotected intercourse on several occasions, allegedly until May 2021 when they disagreed.

“The cause of their disagreement was exacerbated by Lusaka’s insistence on terminating the pregnancy, a proposal that the applicant declined to accede to and now she is three months pregnant and counting since she discovered that she was expectant of Lusaka’s child as she has not been intimate with any other man other than the respondent, a fact that can be confirmed through a prenatal paternity test,” the affidavit read.

Back then, the court heard that Lusaka had been declining to cater for the woman’s pre-natal care. According to Omari, the woman has been experiencing complications with the pregnancy, yet she is financially incapable to access quality medical care.

“Lusaka’s defiant and brazen refusal to accept responsibility and assist the applicant to access esteemed hospitals capable of giving her highest standard of prenatal care threaten the life of their unborn child and is, therefore, in sharp contravention with the constitutional safeguards of life which begins at conception,” part of the affidavit read.

Lawyer Omari told the court that his client is unemployed, and owing to the status of Lusaka, she deserved premium care throughout her pregnancy and after.

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