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Snake bids master farewell: Python slithers into Baringo man’s house, lies on his grave. Was it ‘mourning’?

Snakes are sneaky, vicious, and life-threatening creatures but to the late Ewoi Nakorot alias Dr. William, snakes were his friendly reptiles.

Nakorot, who was a snake catcher, shocked the residents of Baringo County after a bizarre incident occurred barely 48 hours after he was laid to rest.

A ginormous python was caught on video slithering into his house and then resting on his grave.

Nakorot was born in 1935 in Turkana. He started working with Jonathan Leaky, a snake tracker, where he captured snakes and extracted venom from the reptiles.

He was a professional venom extractor before breathing his last on the 6th of June, 2021. He also used to showcase pythons to tourists who frequently visited Lake Baringo.

Nakorot’s passion for extracting venom from pythons began after his friend died of a snake bite and he really wanted to save lives in his area of residence.

He spent most of his time extracting venom from venomous reptiles across the country going to the extent of starting a snake park on the shores of Lake Baringo.

Residents of the sleepy Baringo village say that the python resting on the grave of Nakorot signifies that it was in mourning.

Nakorot’s family has taken on the venom milking business as it is synonymous with snakes.

Dr. William’s wife treats victims of snake bites as two of his sons have taken after him in the venom extracting business.

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