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Reuben Kigame: “Hustler narrative the worst lies ever in Kenyan discourse”

Deputy President William Ruto’s ‘Hustler narrative’ is polarising the nation ahead of the 2022 General Election, this is according to presidential aspirant Reuben Kigame.

Speaking on TV47’s Pundits Night show on Monday, July 12, Kigame slammed the hustler political ideology as “one of the worst lies that has ever emerged in the history of Kenyan discourse.”

According to the presidential aspirant, the ideology is only but a ploy to use the common people to get votes, without solving the real problem facing Kenyans.

“When the engine of a train is faulty, you don’t blame the coaches, you don’t say ‘by elevating or improving the coaches you are going to have a better engine’. The problem with the Hustler narrative is that it uses the common man to get votes without solving the problem.

“The problem is not the grassroots people, Kenyans are hardworking people. The problem is the top. The top is so sick and rotten that it need not to be repaired, it needs to be replaced all together,” says Kigame, who is a renown man of God and gospel artiste.

DP Ruto isn’t genuine with bottom-up approach

He says that if DP Ruto was genuine with his bottom-up economic model, he could have already advocated for its implementation since he has been a deputy president for nine years now.

“Our problem is values, our values are rotten. The 10 millionaires are making bad decisions putting us into debt, making us poor and then saying ‘put me in power and I will fix your poverty’… I think that is the worst kinds of hypocrisy. What we need to do is replace the entire top so that we can be able to govern this country with meritocracy.”

Here is Reuben Kigame’s full interview…

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