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“We’ve lost beans, dignity; Now, give us a proper bridge”

Communities living around River Isika at the border of Kakamega and Siaya counties are an unhappy lot. Why? There is no bridge connecting the banks of the river, and while attempting to cross, they’ve undergone woe worth retelling.

School-going children have to swim across, or take a long detour to reach school.

“Our elected leaders just provide us with feeble poles for making the bridge, nothing firm,” says one of the residents.

No Bridge? Piggyback

An elderly lady, gunny bag resting on her head, narrates how she’s been forced at times to remove her clothes and ride piggyback on a man “young enough to be my son-in-law.”

Another one said she lost her luggage of beans to the swollen river.

The residents are now vowing to ‘punish’ their elected leaders at the ballot box come the next general elections.

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