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“Half a cup if better than nothing”- says teenager betrothed to 93-year-old

A 19-year-old woman betrothed to a nonagenarian says she is happy despite of protestations from family and friends.

Hawaa Roble who hails from Mataarba village, has found a soul-mate in granny Abdullah Gardale. “It is better to get half a cup than nothing,” she told a local newspaper.

She says Gardale’s attraction lies in his maturity. Her age mates view life from a different, non-progressive prism. “It has become more difficult to reason with a man of my age than it is with a much older man.”

At one time, Hawaa was dating a man her age. There were plans for a union before the young man did a moonlight flit. “I patiently waited for him for a year to no avail,” Hawaa told the ‘Nation’.

When the 93 year old came along, she swept her off her feet. “For once I had a sense of belonging and the old man was loving and smart enough for me.”

Abdullah is twice a divorcee, a minute detail that fuelled the love protests from Hawaa’s relatives. But when it occurred to them that the two lovebirds were inseparable, they gave in and supported the union.

“My husband is wise and strong. Those who think he is worthless should hear it from me. I am the wife and I have the actual testimony,” happy Hawaa says. Her husband to be says: “They (detractors) have a right to their opinions as we have a right to be happy,” he said.


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