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Kangogo’s suicide note reveals a troubled soul, reasons for going berserk

A suicide note allegedly by late cop Caroline Kangogo depicts a troubled soul driven by circumstances to the end of her tether.

Her woes ranged from marital to parental, sexual harassment to the pain of being short-changed in a business deal.

Late Kangogo was found dead inside a bathroom in her parents’ home in Elgeyo Marakwet county. A Ceska pistol with several rounds of ammunition was found beside her right hand.

Police say she committed suicide. A police report from Tambach Police Station says she “might have shot herself using the firearm from below the chin and the bullet exited on the head slightly above the left ear.”

Kangogo has been on the run for nearly two weeks. She was alleged to have murdered fellow police officer and erstwhile lover James Ogweno in Nakuru, and two days later Peter Ndwiga in a lodging in Kimbo area, Thika Road.

The suicide note reveals that while Ogweno was the love of her life (“our love was made in heaven”), Ndwiga had allegedly short changed her KSh1.5 million.

“For peter njiru, i don’t owe anyone an apology. He conned me 1.5m whereby 300k i borrowed my father’s retirement benefits…then he arrogantly tells me he isn’t paying n even found him with a new probox,” the suicide note left as a draft message on her phone allegedly said.

“To my parents am requesting my body be cremated to end your suffering. Remember to take good care of my children,” the note added.

Kangogo also added that she planned on exterminating her estranged husband who is based in Mombasa, but the thought of her two children made her think twice. She also expressed her wish to be cremated in a white gown. She concluded: “I LOVE YOU ALL N BYE TILL WE MEET AGAIN.

Her body was taken to Iten sub-County Referral mortuary.

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