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Environmentalist Joanna Stutchbury died of excessive bleeding- autopsy

An autopsy carried out on the late environmentalist and activist Joanna Stutchbury has revealed that she died of excessive bleeding and head injuries after she was shot six times at a close range.

According to the postmortem report conducted at the Montezuma Funeral Home, Stutchbury suffered bullet wounds after being shot three times on the head, twice on her right hand and once on her left arm.

“She was shot 6 times, 3 times on the head. she tried to defend herself, to block the bullet. Other than the holes, we saw tattooing, caused by the gunpowder,” says Chief Government Pathologist Dr. Johansen Oduor.

Friends of Stutchbury on Tuesday, July 20 hugged a tree to commemorate Day 4 of her gruesome murder. No suspect(s) have been arrested so far.

During her days, Stutchbury took on land grabbers eyeing Kiambu Forest head-on. She was shot dead along her driveway at Mushroom Estate, Kiambu, last week.

The DCI has assured that no stone will be left unturned in their investigations. “We have brought in more specialized detectives… it is not possible to divulge further information,” says Kiambu DCIO Dennis Wekesa.

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