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Menopause can start as early as 35….keep off booze, fags and pills!

Gynaecologist Dr Ignatius Inyathio Kibe says menopause can kick in early as 35 years and as late as 55, depending on a woman’s lifestyle.

Appearing on TV47’s Morning Cafe, the specialist said this is dependent on lifestyle. “Those who smoke, drink excessively or misuse contraceptives experience menopause while younger.”

Dr Kibe was speaking on the topic on the show hosted by Linda Alela. He emphasized the importance of both men and women being knowledgeable on menopause, as it affects them both.

Dr. Kibe warns women against eating carbohydrates and proteins in excess. “There’s a perception in Africa that eating well entails eating expensive food. Eating well is eating healthy.”

Signs of Menopause

Women become impulsive and irrational while experiencing the bodily changes. The woman might become more demanding, encouraging understanding from the husbands.

Dr Kibe said women must understand that as they are going through this phase, their husbands are going through mid-life crisis,

“As a woman is going through menopause, the man is also experiencing mid-life crisis. He is building, changing cars, the church recognises him and wants to make him elder, his family wants him to school relatives. Women should also try to understand the men,” he quipped.


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