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Was it chang’aa or rogue Nyumba Kumi blows? Man dies at chief’s office

One person has been reported dead and another hospitalised in critical condition after allegedly consuming illicit alcohol that had been nabbed in Ikuywa village in Shinyalu sub-County, Kakamega County.

The two, Josphat Siva and Andrew Shuma, had been arrested by Nyumba Kumi Initiative members for allegedly stealing three chickens, and taken to the area Assistant Chief’s office for further action.

It was at the local administrator’s office that they came across the litres of local brew popularly known as Chang’aa. When the assistant chief stepped out, the duo embarked on a drinking spree. That was when Siva lost his life, while Shuma is currently receiving treatment at the Kakamega County Referral Hospital.

The villagers led by the widow are, however, not buying into the explanation that the deceased met his death after drinking the liquor.

They are now calling upon the relevant authorities to take up the matter and conduct a thorough investigation to determine the case of death.

“My husband had a misunderstanding with a neighbour who claimed that his chickens had been stolen. He then called Nyumba Kumi members to arrest my husband. I saw them pinned my husband on the ground before beating him mercilessly. They took him to chief’s office while he was already dead,” says the widow.

The villagers are suspecting the two were given a thorough beating while they were being arrested, and that could be the reason for the death of one and hospitalisation of the other.

Efforts by TV47 to reach out to the assistant chief for his side of the story were futile as his phone was not going through, and his office remains closed.

The body has since been removed to the hospital’s morgue.

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