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Where is Yasir Ahmed? He was abducted by armed men in presence of his wife, son 39 days ago

The family of Yasir Mahmoud Ahmed alias Mau- man who was abducted by unknown gunmen one month ago convened special prayers for him on Tuesday, July 27.

The family hopes that the prayers will keep their kin safe at the hands of his abductors, whom they claim were Kenyan security personnel.

On Friday, June 18, 43-year-old Yasir was with his family driving from Mpeketoni where they had visited his mother-in-law.

But upon reaching Mkunumbi area on the Lamu-Garsen Road at around 3:30 pm, their journey was cut short at gunpoint. At least four men dressed in what looked like Kenyan military uniforms forced them to stop.

“A GK Land cruiser blocked our way, giving the impression they were specifically waiting for our family and seemed to have been trailing us for a while,” says Yasir’s wife- Yumna Ali.

The wife narrates that when her husband stopped the car, the armed men ordered her, their son and an unidentified person who had borrowed a lift to walk ahead and never to look back, with a promise of shooting anyone who would disobey the order. Yasir was asked to stay back as they wanted to ‘talk’ to him.

“After walking for some time, I peered back and both the men and my husband and the Landcruiser had just vanished. I immediately tried calling all his phones and they were switched off. My life has never been the same ever since,” Yumna says.

Since that day, the father of four has never been seen or heard from. The family has made numerous police reports, including filing a missing person’s report at the Lamu Central and Mpeketoni Police Stations.

It is reported that this is the second time Mau has been ‘abducted’. In 2017, he was taken by unknown men, taken to Nairobi, interrogated before been released after a week.

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