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How activist tricked Kayole police using breast milk to sneak phone into cells

An activist arrested yesterday has hilariously narrated how she successfully outwitted officers at Kayole Police Station into allowing her use her mobile phone in the cells.

Ruth Bange of Usikimye, an organization that works towards ending sexual and gender-based violence, had been arrested alongside her colleagues. They were protesting alleged police inaction in investigating the death of 8-year-old Michelle Jennifer.

The Grade Two Pupil at New View Academy left home for school two months ago, only for her body to be found at Mama Lucy Hospital Mortuary. Last Friday, ‘TV47’ exclusively interviewed her mother Hilda Achieng’. She narrated her frustrating search for justice. Michelle was allegedly punished by one of her teachers for answering a question wrongly.

When the mother confronted the case Investigating Officer at Kayole Police Station, Achieng’ alleges he yelled at her: “You’re too young; you can get other children.”

Protests for Justice

Following this lackadaisical attitude by the police, Usikimye called for protests to pressure for action. The activists were subsequently arrested for picketing without a permit. They were held at the Kayole Police Station cells.

Inside the cells, they found two boys. They inquired about how they landed in police cells. Joseph Mumo and Joseph Wachira said they got lost on different occasions and were picked up by police.

Kayole police arrest activists
Usikimye activists upon arrest by police for picketing. PHOTO/COURTESY

To get their story out- and hopefully re-unite them with their guardians-, the activists needed the boys’ photos. They had no camera and their phones had been confiscated by police before they were ushered into the cells.

“Ruth got the brilliant idea of how to get a phone even for a few minutes,” said one of the arrested activists. “She started screaming and saying her breast were engorged with milk and she needed to call her house so they bring her infant to suckle. That worked. We got the phone and quickly took their (boys’) pictures.”

Boys Recall Kin, Teachers

Joseph said he is a Class Five pupil at Kitulo Primary School, Vihiga. He identified his parents as Josephine Gideon, and Gideon Nduvo Kasyoka. He hitchhiked to Nairobi to visit his uncle. Arriving here, “he didn’t imagine that Nairobi was this big.”

On his part, Wachira says he schools at Imara Primary School, Kayole. He remembers two of his teachers – a Mr Maina and a Mrs Poloka. He accompanied his friend to the shops, which were far, and got lost.

The activists, who were released yesterday, are now helping re-unite the boys with their family members. It was a happy ending for Wachira who this morning was re-united with her mother. She said she had been looking for him.

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