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DCI: “We recovered KSh6 million from Justices Muchelule, Chitembwe offices”

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) says it collected KSh6.1 million from Justices Aggrey Muchelule and Said Chitembwe’s offices during last week’s “arrest.”

Appearing at the Milimani Law Courts on Thursday, July 29, DCI through Chief Inspector Felix Banzi claimed they recovered $50,000 (KSh5.4 million) from an unidentified woman at Justice Muchelule’s office, and a further $7,000 (KSh760,000) at Justice Chitembwe’s office.

This comes a few days after the Kenya Magistrates and Judges Association (KMJA) claimed the sleuths recovered nothing during the raid.

“The fact that public investigations against the judges are conducted in secrecy, and that the search found nothing,…confirms our position that this is pure harassment…” Derrick Kuto, KMJA Secretary General said.

DCI, however, counteracted the claims, alleging they did not arrest the two judges, and instead only requested them to accompany the detectives to the DCI Headquarters and record statements on corruption allegations against them.

“Following allegations of corruption and abuse of office, the DCI acting on intelligence and as guided under Article 244(b) of the Constitution engaged Justice Said Juma Chitembwe, Justice Aggrey Muchelule… to assist with investigations,” DCI said in a statement.

According to court papers, Banzi said they had received intel of some brokers who had allegedly approached the judges in question, with suspected motive of “procuring favourable judges.”

“On July 21 at around 3pm I was told by one of the complainants that after a series of meetings between certain judges and brokers a figure of KSh7 million was arrived at and the bribe was to be delivered to the residence of a judge at 7pm,” Banzi added.

Further, he claimed the meeting was rescheduled to the following morning at one of the chambers at Milimani Law Courts. DCI detectives camped near the claimed spot until 2 pm when they received an alert on the alleged bribery about to take place.

The sleuths allegedly swung into action and searched Justices Muchelule and Chitwembwe’s chambers where they recovered KSh5.4 million and KSH760,000 respectively.

DCI maintained the two judges were cooperative, hence took minimal time at the DCI Headquarters and released shortly afterwards.

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