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Three detained in connection with Matuu bank heist

Police in Matuu have arrested three bodaboda riders in connection with the Tuesday morning bank robbery at the Matuu branch of Equity Bank.

Kithimani Law Courts Senior Resident Magistrate Eva Wambugu yesterday ordered that the trio be detained at Matuu Police Station for 10 days pending completion of investigations.

The three were allegedly part of a gang consisting of ex-men-in-uniform that orchestrated the robbery. An unknown amount of money was stolen in the 9:10am raid.

Reports indicate that detectives are on the trail of a retired General Service Unit (GSU) officer believed to have been the mastermind of the whole plot.

Two policemen Dorothy Opili and Patrick Omusebe who were guarding the bank, and were ostensibly disarmed by the thugs have also been questioned by detectives. In a CCTV footage seen by TV47 Digital, armed men pounced upon the two constables and dispossesed them of their AK47 rifles. The rifles were armed with 60 rounds of ammunition.

The gang then proceeded to rob customers waiting for service, and the bank itself. They then made a getaway after engaging police in a shoot-out.

Detectives are questioning constable Omusebe and Opili’s account of the robbery. The duo presented itself to investigators who now say their story does not check out. Omusebe allegedly abetted the theft by assisting the gang when it trained its attention on customers.

The investigations are being led by Machakos County DCI boss Charles Mutua and county police commander Issa Muhamud.

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