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Shock as Mombasa police recover bullet-proof vests, combat armour

Police in Changamwe, Mombasa County have recovered combat armour, and bullet-proof vests that had been disposed as garbage from a ship that had docked at the Mombasa Port.

Coast regional police commander Manase Musyoka says they received a tip-off about the items from members of the public. They were 14 pieces of combat armour and 17 bullet-proof helmets.

Armour Not Used in ‘Normal Operations’

“We don’t use them on normal security operations,” said Musyoka. “These are for specialised operations and for someone having them it means he has no good intentions.”

The coastal region, especially near the frontiers of war-torn Somalia have been a hotbed of terror activities. Police fear this these military/paramilitary gear may have been intended for use in such activities. Musyoka says they have launched investigations into the source of items.

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