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Transgender celebrity stripped naked, beaten for “being gay”

A Cameroonian transgender man says he may opt to leave his country following continued humiliation under the hands of fellow countrymen.

Njeukam Loïc, popularly known as Shakiro, told DW he was sexually harassed in Douala over the weekend by a group of men. His crime- identifying as transgender.

“Shakiro was stripped naked and tortured by a group of men as they hurled insults at him for identifying as a transgender,” he was quoted by DW.

His lawyer has allegedly promised to take action against the perpetrators. However, the famous YouTuber says he may opt to leave Cameroon. “I would have to leave this country,” Shakiro says.

Transgender men arrested, convicted

In February, Shakiro and his transgender friend identified as Patricia were reportedly arrested at a restaurant donning feminine clothes. Consequently, they were convicted for “attempted homosexuality” and sentenced to five years in prison.

Shakiro and Patricia would later be released in July after their appeal application was received and set for hearing in September.

During an interview with Reuters, Shakiro claimed their life in prison was horrible, especially towards homosexuality convicts. “They put chains on our legs, something that is not normal. That day we slept with those chains and we paid money for them to remove the chains,” the YouTuber narrated.

“I did not believe that these children would make it out of prison with their health intact,” Shakiro’s mother, Josephine Njeukam, told Reuters.

Through his large social media following, Shakiro has been championing for LGBT community freedom in Cameroon. He however admits it is “extremely risky” to be transgender there.


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