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Baby born weighing 212g, same as an apple, discharged from hospital 13 months later

Baby Kwek Yu Xuan was born at 25 weeks, short of the average 40 weeks. She was weighing 212g, the size of an apple. A baby is expected to weigh about 3.5kg to 4.5kg at the time of birth.

Her mother was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, a menacing High-Blood Pressure capable of damaging vital organs for both mother and foetus. The baby’s extraordinary determination to stay alive and keep growing has shocked many.

“In my 22 years of being a nurse, I haven’t seen such a small newborn baby,” Ms Zhang Suhe, an advanced practice nurse at the department of neonatology at NUH, told a British outlet Strait Times. “I was shocked so I spoke to the professor (in the same department) and asked if he could believe it.“

Yu Xuan was born four months early by emergency C-section. PHOTO/ COURTESY

Her condition came as a shock to her mother as she had delivered her firstborn on time as a healthy baby. Yu Xuan supersedes the record set by a girl born in the United States who weighed 245g at birth.

Yu Xuan has been discharged after spending 13 months in hospital in a healthier state. She currently weighs 6.3kg leaving the hospital she was born in describing her as, “an extraordinary ‘Covid-19’ baby – a ray of hope amid turmoil.”

During her time in hospital, Yu Xuan was given multiple kinds of treatment, relying on different kinds of machines to survive.

Doctors have given her a clean bill of health and she is now well enough to be discharged.

She, however, suffers from lung disease and will need a ventilator’s help breathing at home. Doctors are hopeful she will get better with time.

Her parents were able to pay for her long stay at the hospital through a crowdfunding campaign that raised $270,601 (KSh29 million).


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