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“You villains, why did you want to kill me over KSh50,000?”

In Summary

  • The duo offer the old man a lift and he jumped at the chance.
  • He realised something was odd when the Toyota Axio veered off the main road.

Police in Murang’a County have arrested two people suspected of kidnapping an elderly man in Maragua area on Tuesday evening.

Thomas Mwaga, said to be aged 100, was on his way from his home in Ichagaki village to the chief’s office when a saloon car pulled up beside him.

Its two occupants-a man and a woman- offered to give him a lift. His mission at the chief’s was to report one of his grandsons who had become naughty, skipping school.

But in an unforeseen turn of events, the vehicle, a Toyota Axio, sped past the chief’s office and headed straight to the neighboring Maragua town.

The man and woman ordered Mwaga to withdraw KSh50,000 from his Unaitas Sacco account. They said they would refund the money once they got to Murang’a town.

Murang'a man rescued from kidnappers TV47
Mwaga happily relaxing in his homestead after the kidnap ordeal. He was too shaken to speak. PHOTO/JOE GATHUYA

The woman escorted the old man into the Sacco’s banking hall but before he could withdraw the money, the man’s accomplice walked in and informed her that it was better to make the withdrawal in Murang’a town.

The three then left Maragua town for Murang’a town but the car changed course at Mbombo area and took a feeder road. It is then that Mwaga noticed that something was askew. He started shouting and the two kidnappers ordered him to keep silent.

Lucky Escape

Mwaga, who has a hearing impairment reportedly disregarded the duo and in the confusion, the vehicle veered off the road and hit a rock by the roadside. Mwaga dashed from the vehicle, screaming aloud that the two suspects wanted to kill him.

The drama attracted a scene whereupon police were contacted. They rushed to the old man’s rescue and the two suspects were arrested and the vehicle towed to Maragua Police Station.

The suspects had already seized Mwaga’s wallet, which contained an undisclosed amount of money. TV47 Digital visited Mwaga at his home. As he recounted the ordeal, he was sitting in his small kitchen, enjoying the smoky warmth. He was still shaken by the ordeal.

Murang'a man rescued from two kidnappers TV47
Relatives thanked Maragua Police for the prompt rescue. Area chief Daniel Kimani asked youth to avoid crime. PHOTO/JOE GATHUYA

Wainaina Mwaga, his son, lauded Murang’a police for the prompt rescue, and for apprehending the suspects before they could flee. Several locals flocked Mwaga’s home when word went round about the ordeal, many sympathizing with the centenarian.

Peter Mwangi, a village elder, condemned the incident, urging youth to make money through legal means. Area chief Daniel Kimani said the last time Maragua was rocked by kidnappings was eight years ago.

Victims would be taken to Summer area, thugs hide-out. He also cautioned locals against boarding strangers’ vehicles to avoid finding themselves in similar situations. “We are appealing to locals to report any suspicious characters they may spot in their villages,” the chief said.


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