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KoT trolls Jimmy Gait for claiming Kenyans are mistreated in Middle East because of immorality

Social media is ablaze following what appears to be insensitive remarks by Jimmy Gait on the issue of mistreatment, torture and death of young Kenyan girls in the Gulf states.

Speaking on a local TV station, the gospel singer revealed that he runs an agency that sources employment opportunities for Kenyans in the Middle East.

While trying to address claims of abuse of Kenyans by their employers in countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Pamela singer called out women on their “indiscipline”.

“…the number one reason why these people get mistreated is indiscipline, most of them are indisciplined. They go sleeping with people’s husbands, they get caught and they face the repercussion,” the singer claimed.

To justify his claims he proceeded to argue that the reason why “you hardly hear of a man being mistreated in the Middle East is because they do not sleep with their bosses wives.”

“There are so many Kenyan men working in the Middle East in Saudi, Qatar, Dubai the reason you don’t hear about men being mistreated is because they do not go sleeping with their bosses wives.”

He added: “Some run away from their employers to look for greener pastures and when they do (because they do not have papers) they land in problems.”

He, however, admitted that there are instances where workers have been genuinely mistreated. On this instances, he blamed “rogue agencies” which fail to respond to calls of distressed workers.

Jimmy Gait is trending on Twitter, with Kenyans calling him out for being not only ignorant but also insensitive. Some have called him a clout-chaser.


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