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More than one cup of coffee keeps away heart failure, prostate cancer

In Summary

  • Coffee reduces risk of heart failure by 5 to 12 percent over time.
  • Additions such as flavours may not yield the same results.

Taking up to three cups of coffee a day protects one from severe heart diseases, prostate cancer and even diabetes, new study shows.

In comparison to the non-coffee drinkers, regular consumption of the beverage decreases one’s risk of death from heart disease, stroke or early death from any disease.

The study was presented on Friday during a meeting with European Society of Cardiology. An analysis published in April reveals the risk of heart failure for its consumers decreased by 5 to 12 percent over time after taking more than one plain cup each day.

However, for those who took none or just one cup only, their risk levels were similar to those who don’t take at all.

Dr. David Kao, medical director of the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora dismisses myths about caffeine and heart complications.

Black coffee

“Coffee and caffeine are often considered by the general population to be ‘bad’ for the heart because people associate them with palpitations, high blood pressure, etc. The consistent relationship between increasing caffeine consumption and decreasing heart failure risk turns that assumption on its head,” Dr. Kao stated.

Heart failure is a condition which occurs when the heart muscles do not pump blood as well as they should, Wikipedia says. This may lead to fluid building up in the lungs, leading to shortness of breath.

However, the study only confirms the same for black coffee. Any additions such as milk, flavours, sugars may increase levels of fats, calories in a cup of coffee, hence not yield the same results.

Research also shows the beverage may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, prostate cancer, computer back pain and so on.

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