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“Celebrities prone to depression, mental health disorders” Jua Cali raises red alert

In Summary

  • Jua Cali disclosed that his latest album “Maisha Panda Shuka” was dedicated to all his fans grappling with mental health issues.
  • The Genge artiste says that celebrities are more prone to depression, mental health disorders, contrary to the popular belief that they have it all figured out.

Popular Genge artiste Paul Julius Nunda aka Jua Cali now says that public figures and celebrities are prone to mental health issues, stressing the need for a strong support system.

According to the Kiasi hitmaker, celebrities don’t have it all figured out as perceived by the general public.

Speaking on Tuesday on TV47’s Morning Cafe show, Jua Cali said that everybody needs honest people who are close to them, who they can talk to when they are going through issues that can easily culminate in mental disorder.

“With the immense public pressure and the need to deliver, celebrities go through a lot to keep up the public image” he says adding, “having a support system will assist in giving them necessary help before it is too late. You can’t heal what you don’t reveal, speak up when life becomes hard.”

The legendary artiste disclosed that his last year single “Maisha Panda Shuka” was inspired by the many fans who were going through various mental issues and were seeking his help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Giving Hope

Jua Cali says he composed the song just to give them [the fans grappling with adverse effects of the pandemic] hope and remind them that life is full of ups and downs. “No bad situation is permanent,” he says with conviction.

He further emphasised on parents to allow their children to follow their dreams and interests rather than compelling them to do what they are not interested in.

“If your child is good in practical activities let them do it, if they are good in academics let them pursue them, let us see what others are good at and appreciate it.”

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