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Is Money Heist Professor planning his next move from Pakistan?

  • The fifth season of Money Heist was released on September 3.
  • Character ‘Nairobi’ is portrayed by actress Alba Flores.

An image of a man who has a striking resemblance to the actor who plays the role of ‘Professor’ in the popular Spanish series Money Heist is making rounds on the internet and fans are excited.

Reportedly taken in Pakistan from a grocery store, the picture shows a man whose beard, glasses, hairstyle and serious expression are a complete match with the mastermind played by Alvaro Morte. He is also seen scribbling on a notebook and internet users saying he is ‘working on his next heist’.

‘Professor’ look-alike spotted in Pakistan. PHOTO/COURTESY

The show, which has a large fan base across the world, has taken the internet by storm ever since the fifth season was released on September 3. Actors from the show also enjoy huge following that explains how the doppelganger photo went viral.

Professor’s link to Pakistan

Interestingly enough, the Professor does contact Pakistan during a heist and this did not go unnoticed by fans of the show.

The crime-thriller debuted in 2017 and follows two heists, one on the Royal Mint of Spain and one on the Bank of Spain, pulled off by a group of thieves dressed in red jumpsuits and a Salvador Dali mask.

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