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Man hides mother’s corpse for over a year; keeps collecting her pension

In summary

  • Man in Austria lives with mother’s frozen corpse for over a year to keep getting her pension.
  • He lied to the brother that she was in a care facility, and there was no need of visiting her since she wouldn’t recognise her.

A man in Austria kept the corpse of his mother frozen in the house for over a year so as to continue receiving his mother’s pension.

Reports say the mother who was aged 89 when she died was ailing from dementia and eventually died of natural causes.

Her 66-year-old son preserved her body in the basement of a house they reportedly shared, using ice packs and covered her with bandages to mask any odour.

He received a total of  €50,000 (approximately KSh6.5 million) during this time.

The man, as BBC reports, justified the suspected fraud by saying that the reason why he did this was because he had no other source of income and had he reported the death, the mother would no longer receive pension.

He said he needed the money to continue paying for the house they stayed in and to cater for his mother’s burial.

The man’s grand secret was unearthed when a new postman’s request to see the woman after delivering her benefits in the western Tyrol region was denied.

The suspect managed to keep the fraud going for that long because he even told his brother that their mother was being taken care of at a facility and there was no point of visiting her because she would not remember who he was.

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