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Farmers’ Fury: Row after man claims patent on imported machine

In summary

  • Our suppliers started making and distribution of balers in 2004 but Benson Maingi Maina says he invented the silage baling machine and put a patent in 2020.”
  • “The guys are harassing us juu its start of the silage season n needs to eliminate competition.

A dairy farm in Naivasha is decrying collusion between its competitor and government agencies to edge them out of market by auctioning their Silage Baling machine.

Lizzar Dairies in Mararo village was on August, 30 issued with a seizing document by the Anti-Counterfeit Authority who raided their premises.

Upon inquiry, the agency explained the auction was for investigation as a result of an infringement of a patent.

The disputed machine is said to have been invented and patented by businessman Benson Maingi in 2020.

According to Maingi, Zhengzhou Muchang Agricultural Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd from where the machine was exported, stole his ‘idea’ and produced the equipment.

However, Lizzah Dairies has called out the businessman for his fraudulent action. They claim Maingi imported the machine from China just like them.

Maingi then allegedly colluded with Kenya Intellectual Properties Institute to register it as his invention with the aim of receiving royalties.

The Chinese company, which is said to have been manufacturing the equipment for over a decade has provided in writing proof of its manufacturing as credible.

Following the peak of silage season, it is alleged that every farmer who had invested in the machinery has been forced into hiding to avoid falling into the same predicament.

Patent challenged

The ‘Agri-preneurs’ are crying foul, claiming that despite completing clearance process during importation, they have been hard hit by government’s “incompetence”.

“How can a government entity give a document that is totally a fraud. Just a simple google search was enough to know that it is not, cannot, and is not a novel innovation. He just imported a machine like the rest of us and it’s either he bribed someone to overlook the same or person concerned just did not do his /her work,” lamented the farm.

The cash-strapped farm said they are determined to sue both the government agency (KIPI) and Maingi.

“We should pool together and sue Benson Maingi and KIPI for damages caused. No matter how long it takes, he should be subjected to a judicial process, “Lizzie Dairies added.

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