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Natembeya: “I want to be governor of Trans Nzoia in 2022”

In Summary

  • Rift Valley Regional Coordinator throws his hat in the Trans Nzoia County gubernatorial race.
  • Current Governor Patrick Khaemba is on his second and last term.

The Trans Nzoia County 2022 Gubernatorial race has received yet another entrant.

Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya will vie for the seat in next year’s polls.

Speaking on Monday during TV47’s Pundits Night show, Natembeya said that it is within his rights to seek an elective position, and he intends to serve the people of Trans Nzoia as their next governor.

Natembeya did not reveal the political party ticket with which he will be seeking the seat.

Current Governor Patrick Khaemba is in his second and last term in office, meaning that Natembeya and others who are eying the seat will not have to deal with the might of incumbency.

Laikipia security operation

With regards to the Laikipia security operation, Natembeya said that in the past, the government has been underestimating the threat posed by bandits. This mistake, according to the administrator, is one the government is not repeating.

“In the past, we underestimated the threat posed by bandits in Laikipia…This time around, we will stay there for a longer period until security is restored completely. We have a lasting solution this time around,” he said.

Normalcy is slowly returning in the volatile Ol-Moran within the Laikipia Nature Conservancy, with schools reopening albeit under tight security. Natembeya has lauded the operation, insisting that, “We have made tremendous improvement in restoring peace ever since we launched the operation last Monday.”

Here is the full interview

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