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Sonko says he’s broke, wants court to give him KSh15m he paid as cash bail

In summarry

  • Sonko asks court to return KSh15m cash bail saying that he has no money to take care of his needs and his family’s needs.
  • He wants to substitute the money with other assets worth KSh30m.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko now wants the court to allow him access KSh15 million he deposited as cash bail when he was facing corruption charges.

In an application filed at the High Court, the ex-governor says that he is broke and can no longer meet his needs and those of his family, a situation he says has been worsened after his bank accounts were frozen.

Sonko further says that he is unable to pay for his children’s school fees with his limited resources and is asking to be allowed to substitute the bail with his other assets worth KSh30 million as security.

“I am asking the court to be allowed to deposit security in place of the cash bail to enable me access the money for purposes of attending to my health, paying school fees for my children, pay my lawyers and cater for my daily needs and those of my family,” Sonko says.

Sonko’s lawyer Philip Kaingu argues that an accused person is allowed to either deposit cash bail or security in a criminal case without any prejudice to the prosecution.

“The corruption cases against him have proceeded well with more than 10 witnesses which means there is no risk of him absconding court. It is in the interest that he be allowed to substitute the cash bail to enable him fend for his family,” says Kaingu.

Sonko was charged with graft in December 2019 following links with a rogue businessman and senior county officials to embezzle money from the  Nairobi County.

He was charged with over 20 counts including money laundering, conspiracy to commit crime of corruption, abuse of office, acquisition of proceeds of crime, conflict of interest among others.

He was later released from custody in December 11, 2019 after posting bail that had been set at KSh15 million by the anti corruption court chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti, failure to which he would have been remanded at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison as had been directed by the courts.

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